Nucora Life Care Full Business Plan

Hello friends welcome to Free Mlm. In today’s post, we are going to tell you what is Nucora Life Care If you also want to join Nucora Life Care and want to get more information about it, then you are reading the right post because along with this you will also know how to understand Nucora Life Care. What is Nucora Life Care in Free Mlm. You will also be able to know this through this post, we will explain it to you in very easy language, hope that you will definitely like the information about our today’s post Nucora Life Care in the same way you will also like every post coming on our blog.
  1. About Us
  2. Profile
  3. Key Features
  4. Types Of Income
  5. Company Details
  6. Contact Us
  7. Terms & Conditions

1. ABOUT US :-

Dhairya hairya Group is an ISO 9001: 2015

certified company which is working in real estate, pharma, health care and hotel industry since past many years, the mission of the company is to contribute in a healthier and more prosperous India, and to uplift the lives of its citizens.


If we talk about the company’s profile, we have been very good, it has been just a few days since the company was launched, the company is doing a very good job all over India, if we talk about the future of the company, many of the company’s All the service is going to come and the products of the company are also going to come, if you also want to join the company, now is the chance, now you can join the company quickly.



  • Free Registration
  • Activation by purchase of your favorite product
  • B.V. Nevers turns 0
  • Attractive team development bonus
  • Attractive Repurchase Bonus
  • Attractive Convince
  • Attractive Rewards
  • Special provision of distributor welfare fund
  • Up to 30% off on product


  1. Magic Plan
  2. Repurchase Plan
4.1 Magic Club Income 

This Income depends upon the turnover of New Magic Business Value and is distributed by the club

4.2 Repurchase Plan

Member joining –

ID activation by purchase of minimum 1000 Rupees worth of product

Performance Income –

This Income is based on Monthly Repurchase business value, which will be distributed among distributors on the basis of difference,

Repurchase Scheme for Distributer

Under this scheme if a Distributer purchases products of atleast 1000

D.P for Continuous 3 months he will be entitled for free herbal products worth of the M.R.P of his fourth month’s purchase.





✔ Distributor should be of atleast18 af years while joining the company.

✔ Pan no, Adhaar card, and bank details must be updated on the profile.

✔ Maximum one Id can be issued on one PAN.

✔Closing will be on 1,1 1 and 21 of every month.

✔ Monthly Closing will be on 1 of every month.

✔ Taxes and service charges apllicable as per government’s norms.

✔ Management holds the right to make changes in the rules for the benefit of company and its distributors.

✔ Any legal disputes will be resolved in Lucknow Highcourt.


This is most ask question is Nucora Life Care scam , is Nucora Life Care fake or its  real ? So This company is new And doing well right now so we can’t say its scam or fake, Even we are not saying Nucora Life Care is real, its all depend how company work in upcoming days. But if you are doing this do at your own risk and if you found anything wrong somehow, somewhere then you can comment on this post so other people will be aware of that thing.

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