On Passive Full Business Plan 2022

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1. ABOUT US :-

ONPASSIVE is a unicorn AI tech company that is dedicated to creating business solutions from the sophisticated technologies of the world. The offerings of the establishment emphasize and work towards automating a wide variety of operations to augment the profitability of firms. 

The organization also focuses on implementing AI offerings that can be scalable to varied sizes of firms. Also, the small and medium enterprises are the ones that will be benefited most from our solutions by empowering them with modern technology to ward off any competition from large, global corporations.


About 20 years in Online Business; never previously owned a business.Couldn’t find a trustworthy, sustainable online business model. As an affiliate marketer, suffered the same thingsyou and I did. A Family-man with wife and kids. Received Master’s of Information Technology & eCommerce (MIT).

Attended Harvard University to learn specifically about Online Business Creation. Researched the great models. Walmart Google, Apple, Chase, JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, Linkedin, Skype, etc.

It’s a very real, state-of-the-art technology -driven,Internet Business Consisting of Brick and Mortar Assets

1) Al-driven, Online Marketing Business Solution

2) Product Suite of Leading-edge Business Tools

3) Top-notch, professional development Teams

ONPASSIVE asks: How can we benefit others?


GoFounders is a robust and a vast network of business leaders who are ambitious and successful in creating globally recognized enterprises that will change the lives of millions. The organization is extremely dedicated to providing a business prospect and a golden opportunity to its founders. As an associated leader, you can build a business idea based on an exceptional opportunity and convert the enterprise into a path-breaking platform.

Trim URL is an exceptional AI-based tool that is an absolute necessity for an online business. A digital marketer who is marketing the products over the internet needs to present the marketing content in a palatable manner. That’s where TRIM URL comes into the picture and eases the pain of having a long string of unreadable links by shortening them with the global technological standards.



You can earn lot with this company.i’m going to tell how you can do this.how you can earn great money with this great company.lets learn.. 

As a Non – competitive, Self-funding Online Marketing solution, it is Disruptive by Design and Driven by Artificial Intelligence; the #1 Disruptive technology!

Created to ensure success for its members & longevity for the company with the following criteria:

you can earn here more than lakhs,this is  a system 3x-forced matrix system. where you can start your business with different  different  packages and earn big money as per your packages.



Referral link – https://ofounders.net/registration/user?reg=N%2FCCF9DDFerbG6PyGpPQjQ%3D%3D


Based on Competition and Conflict

97% are Scams

Turn into Money Pits

Requires Selling

Requires Recruiting Tools are Obtained Separately

Additional Tools Cost Extra No Guarantees

Pits Marketers against each other 

Compensation based on own effort




  • Founder/customer/member shall be eligible for a refund if they do not infringe the terms of use after his/her successful registration.
  • If a Founder/customer/ member is found guilty for violating the terms of use, ONPASSIVE will scrutinize the fact/case and post completion of the compliance part, if the member is adhering to the norms as stated by ONPASSIVE then only the refund will be processed.
  • Founder/customer/ member who wish apply for refund shall contact to our customer support through their authorised email address
  • Only Active Founder/Customer shall be entitled to request, and eligible to receive, a full refund within the 30 (Thirty) days from the date of the registration of the account for which a refund is being requested.
  • Once the refund process is initiated, the founder/customer/ member shall not be a part of ONPASSIVE and his/her ownership will be forfeited with immediate effect.
  • The mode of refund will totally depend upon the founder/ customer/ member details which has been provided to us at the time registration henceforth we will process the refund through only the original transaction mode which is available with us in our data base.(No OTHER Accounts/ cards/ wallet or other electronic transactions details of the founder shall entertained )


  • ONPASSIVE operates http://www.onpassive.com (the “Site”). This page informs you of our policies regarding the collection, use and disclosure of Personal Information we receive from users of the Site.

    We use your Personal Information only for providing and improving the Site. By using the Site, you agree to the collection and use of information in accordance with this policy.

    Information we collect

    When you create ONPASSIVE account we ask for personal information such as:

    • Your name, mailing address, phone number, email address, and other contact information.
    • Your country of residence.
    • Your anticipated availability to begin work. and
    • The names and contact information for those you refer under our business plan program.


Disruptive Innovation creates new markets and reshapes existing ones by building a major position in a market that an existing company previously valued. True disruptors, like ONPASSIVE, start by appealing to low-end consumers, ones that tend to be overlooked due to low company profits OR they open up new markets to previously non-consumers. ONPASSIVE is doing both!

What makes a Successful Disruptive Innovation?

1.Enabling Technologies

An invention or innovation makes a product more affordable and accessible to a wider population.

2.Innovative Business Model-:

A business model that targenon-consumers (new customers who previously did not buy products or services in a given market) or low-end consumers (the least profitable customers).

3.Coherent Value Network

A network in which suppliers, partners, distributors, and customers are each better off when the disruptive technology prospera.


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