Vestige vs Modicare


Vestige and Modicare are the most popular MLM companies in India. These companies are the revival of each other and have huge distributor networks in India.

The aim of this blog is to provide a detailed and unbiased comparison of Vestige and Modicare. There are millions of distributors who indulge in these companies and always have debates to prove their MLM company superior.


Modicare calls itself as first direct selling company in India started by Samir Modi in 1996. Samir Modi is the son of business tycoon KK Modi and the brother of IPL (Indian Premier League) founder Lalit Modi.

Vestige was started in 2004 by Gautam Bali, Kanwar Bir Singh and Deepak Sood.


These companies share a common range of products i.e. personal care, FMCG and other daily needs products.

These companies started operations in India within an 8 year period and have a common product range, which makes the comparison more interesting



Products are the most vital reason for joining Vestige Marketing Private Limited. If you are sure to put your leg in the MLM industry, then you must compare any other MLM company’s product with the Vestige and Modicare.

  • Quality: Products should be effective and made of good ingredients. The company should not be selling snake oil
  • Demand: If products are of daily use and have regular demand then distributors can find customers quicker.
  • Product Range: A large product range offers several options to distributors and customers to make purchases.
  • Reasonable Pricing: MLM companies should have reliable products which justify their price.
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Compared to the retail market, Modicare has competitive product pricing, Vestige’s products are slightly costly.

For Indian consumers pricing is primary and quality is secondary. Most Indians belong to the middle or lower-middle class, hence it is not possible for them to use these expensive products for some organic or quality tag.


Comparing income plans is not feasible. Because some MLM companies facilitate more income on direct sales and some on sales by the downline.

Same way, comparing MLM compensation plans is not a feasible thing. Actually, every MLM company has different numbers and types of income, which can be divided into retail commission (personal product sales) and residual commission (downline product sales).


Vestige and Modicare don’t take any joining fees. But to become their distributor, individuals have to make some minimum purchase.

In Vestige, one has to do 30 BV personal purchases i.e. around 1500.

And last, the Modicare consultant is required to make 25 BV product purchases which is just 100 Rs.


At present, very few MLM companies provide that training and support. Fortunately, these companies are doing great on this parameter.

These companies organize seminars and training sessions for their distributors. Sadly instead of teaching, many MLM seminars are cheap motivation centers where fake cheques and lavish lifestyles are shown to brainwash young people.

Moreover, Vestige and Modicare, all release their products catalogue regularly. Products catalogue are a vital marketing tool for every direct seller.


Market Saturation arises when the maximized requirement of the market is fulfilled and further growth is not possible.

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Vestige is also going to hit market saturation, as it has j-curve growth in recent times. Vestige is the current largest direct selling company in India and with time, Vestige’s growth will stick, if they don’t do something innovative to maintain growth.

Modicare has a slight advantage as it is not popular as the other and has a decent reputation, this is discussed more ahead.


In recent times, Vestige’s reputation has also been ruined after its skyrocketed growth. The obvious reason is misleading earning claims made by their distributors. You can find various internet memes where Vestige is trolled for extraordinary income claims their distributors made.

Modicare is on the safer side in this parameter. As they haven’t gone wild with their promotion tactics and distributors promote products to real customer.


Vestige and Modicare, all of them have their own pros and cons. Many network marketers have a very wrong mindset, where they demote other MLM companies to promote their MLM without any logical points.

There are endless, pros and cons of all MLM companies. I know it’s hurt when someone comments on your organization, but facts can’t be ignored.

Hope you make a wise choice for yourself.

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