SMART India Full Business Plan

SMART India Business Matching Income – don’t join || SMART India Business Plan Scam

SMART India Business Royalty income – Every Monday (Auto Bank Withdrawal).
Payment Gateway – INR Indian Bank
Minimum Investment – 1,200
Minimum Withdrawal – INR 100 (manual withdrawal)

SMART India Business Plan ?

SMART India Business is a Health and herbal products Sales and Marketing Company Head Office in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Indian and branch office all over India.

You are now a part of the opportunity of the millennium. Our Company is an exciting “People Business”. A business that has the potential to turn your dreams into reality. As you build your business, you will establish lifelong friendships and develop support systems unparalleled in any other business.

We use the concept of Network Marketing OR it can be said as multi-level marketing (MLM). In short Binary Concept.

Our strong sense of identification with client projects means that we are constantly striving to provide solutions, even for issues they aren’t yet aware of. To this end, we adopt a progressive approach to technology and marketing techniques.

How PLAN SMART India Business WORKS ?

  • Sign Up free with Smart India Business Solution.
  • Sign In with Smart India Business Solutions.
  • Purchase product of Minimum Rs.1200/- from Smart India Business Solution and Start your Journey to become millionaire,
  • Payments Auto withdrawal directly in Bank Account
  • Refer your friends and earn Smart Income.
  • No Qualification is required to join Smart India Business Solutions.
  • Product delivered within 5-7 days
StarterRs. 1,200/-1PRODUCT PACKAGERs. 1,2000/-2,400/- per day
ExplorerRs. 2,400/-2PRODUCT PACKAGERs. 2,400/-4,800/- per day
AdvancedRs. 4,800/-4PRODUCT PACKAGERs. 4,800/-8,000/- per day
ExpertRs. 9,600/-8PRODUCT PACKAGERs. 9,600/-15,000/- per day

SMART India Business Plan Offers 06 (Six) Types of Income :

(1) Daily Recharge Income :

After joining any Package of Quantet Marketing Plan, in additional Product you get – you will get 1% Daily Recharge bonus for 200 days from the days of purchase of Packages.

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(2) Direct Referral Income :

You will get 5% as Direct Referral Income, if any person joined directly with your Sponsor ID.

Unlimited Direct Referral allowed and No Capping on this Income

Direct Royalty Income :
ID -3Rs. 3000Rs. 3000Rs. 20024Rs. 4800 /-
ID -5Rs. 5000Rs. 5000Rs. 40024Rs. 9600 /
ID -7Rs. 7000Rs. 7000Rs. 60024Rs. 14,400 /
ID -9Rs. 9000Rs. 9000Rs. 80024Rs. 19,200 /
ID -11Rs. 11,000Rs. 11,000Rs. 100024Rs. 24,000 /
ID -13Rs. 13,000Rs. 13,000Rs. 120024Rs. 28,800 /
ID -15Rs. 15,000Rs. 15,000Rs. 140024Rs. 33,600 /
ID -17Rs. 17,000Rs. 17,000Rs. 160024Rs. 38,400 /
ID -19Rs. 19,000Rs. 19,000Rs. 180024Rs. 43,200 /
ID -21Rs. 21,000Rs. 21,000Rs. 2,00024Rs. 48,000 /
ID -23Rs. 23,000Rs. 23,000Rs. 2,20024Rs. 52,200 /
ID -25Rs. 25,000Rs. 25,000Rs. 2,40024Rs. 57,600 /
ID -27Rs. 27,000Rs. 27,000Rs. 2,60024Rs. 62,400 /
ID -29Rs. 29,000Rs. 29,000Rs. 2,80024Rs. 67,200 /
ID -31Rs. 31,000Rs. 31,000Rs. 3,00024Rs. 72,000 /
ID -41Rs. 41,000Rs. 41,000Rs. 4,00024Rs. 96,000 /
ID -51Rs. 51,000Rs. 51,000Rs. 5,00024Rs. 1,20,000 /
ID -61Rs. 61,000Rs. 61,000Rs. 6,00024Rs. 1,44,000 /
ID -71Rs. 71,000Rs. 71,000Rs. 7,00024Rs. 1,68,000 /
ID -81Rs. 81,000Rs. 81,000Rs. 8,00024Rs. 1,92,000 /
ID -91Rs. 91,000Rs. 91,000Rs. 9,00024Rs. 2,16,000 /
ID -101Rs. 1,01,00Rs. 1,01,00Rs. 10,00024Rs. 2,40,000 /
(3) Binary Income

Important Income of this plan is Binary Income, where you do not have to do anything and you get money automatically.


You get 10% as Binary Income of the business value matching on both legs Left and Right side (1:1 ratio unlimited depth). Two direct referral is must.

Power Leg Carry Forward and Binary Capping as mentioned in Plan.

quantetmarketing binary income
quantetmarketing binary income
(4) Booster Income

Booster Income means, Chance to double your Daily Income

To achieve Booster Income, you have to refer 2 direct sponsor (1 left & 1 right) of Same Package or Higher Package within 13 business days effective from date of joining

After Achieving Booster, you get daily income double as 2% daily.

Booster Income (1% daily) is applicable for 150 days only after that 1% daily

SMART India Business Plan Final Review

The main motto of the Our Company iis to boost up network business and to provide the financial freedom as well as the time freedom.We believe in the power of the individual, and encourage talents to flourish. As a highly motivated Multinational Enterprise, Land Mark Starshas been developing progressive strategies, which unrelentingly create a synergy for the whole Organization.

Our vision is to produce creative professional in the field of MLM industry Our Company provide you powerful platform & to provide them best environment to act and achieve big as well as to create your present and future to bring happiness in your life.

Our long experience at the top of the events business means we have expertise which reaches across a number of sectors, as well as knowledge of specific protocol and local regulations. But we know that things change, and we are constantly striving to adapt and improve.


Today’s Smart Investment in Business Tomorrow’s Best Returns for future..!!

Smart India Club Bonus Member who complete 26 Directs will qualify to income of Smart India Club bonus Smart India Club Bonus in calculated on total turnover of Company in a week. 2% of company’s weekly turnover amount Distributed equally to achievers for 30 weeks.

Please join at your own risk that you may lose out on your investment…but you are getting health and herbal Product of your joining Package – Hence, there is very less RISK

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