The single leg MLM plan is a straight line MLM plan in which there is only one leg. It is also called a linear MLM or monoline plan. As the name implies, the plan is simple. It’s all about lining up in the same orientation. The single-line MLM Plan is one of the most appealing compensation plans in the network marketing industry, as well as the simplest business model that anyone can follow. Its most intriguing feature is that it just requires one leg to work. When a new member joins, existing members are automatically downgraded. You will earn monthly revenue in the single-leg system, which will trump everyone below you, including members you do not sponsor.

Some of the key points of the single leg plan are:

  • It is easier and simpler to understand as compared to other business models.
  • If you are starting a new business, the single leg MLM plan is the fastest way to build your stand in the market.
  • There is always a chance of income in a single leg plan when new members get hired downline to other members.


The Forced Matrix Plan is very much similar to the Single Leg MLM plan. If we consider the technical aspects, the single leg design outperforms the forced matrix plan in various ways. The forced matrix MLM plan operates with a set number of slots that must be filled. In the case of the single leg plan, however, there is always the possibility of earning whenever a new member enters the network. The downline’s structure is determined by the joining time and date. The benefits will be distributed more abundantly to those who join first. This is an intriguing compensation plan because there is no set limit or minimum requirement for it to operate. It is also possible to distribute profit shares in a single leg plan. Aside from that, the timing is crucial, as this plan is entirely built on the first-come, first-served approach.

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The single leg compensation plan opens up different options for members to earn. The three major bonuses in the plan are referral bonus/sponsor bonus, rejoin bonus, and matching bonus. Let’s have a look at how these bonuses work.

The incentive gained when a user refers or sponsors a new member is known as the referral bonus or sponsor bonus. As a referral incentive, he or she will receive a specified sum. In the same way, a user can get the most out of a sponsor bonus. To do so, they can recommend an unlimited number of people and earn endless bonuses.

The single leg MLM plan has a unique element called the rejoin bonus. If a user is granted free re-entry into the system, they will receive a bonus. Because the plan has just one leg, the user can receive numerous re-entry benefits as the network grows.

When a user receives a bonus, such as a referral bonus or a rejoin bonus, the sponsor will also receive the same bonus. So both the user and the sponsor will receive the bonus at the same time.



  • First-Come-First-Basis

    In a single leg MLM model, more distributors mean more compensation. Whenever a new distributor is introduced to the company, the member who gets in the company first gets the benefits. However, the lower member also starts earning as and when the chain begins to grow. Thus, every member gets the opportunity to earn well. 

  • Passive Income

    It is a highly recommended plan because it gives the passive income opportunities for all members. Besides, it doesn’t limit the earning possibilities. Members are assured of some income when a new member gets added in the line.

  •  More Focus on Sale                 

    Generally, every recruiter has to only recruit one distributor directly under him. Thus, it gives them more time to just focus on the sale of products rather than worrying about filling slots.

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  • Breeds Laziness

    Since members get benefitted from everyone else bringing people in, they might take advantage and not put in the extra effort. This is why many companies chose to set up a requirement before members can start earning. This ensures that everyone has contributed their share of hard work before sharing profits. 


The monoline MLM plan is one of the most effective multi-level marketing business plans for network marketers. Promoters get free training from the company, require low start-up costs, and grasp advertising benefits. It gives the opportunity to earn more by encouraging people to join and convincing them to buy a product. Altogether, the single-leg MLM compensation plan is a highly recommended MLM Plan for 2022.


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