Tirus LTD world wide

I present the explanation of the opportunity
In a very short way, TIRUS LTD is a Russian company registered in Switzerland as Swiss investment holding.
To get started in TIRUS, you only need 10 dollars

We only invest once at tirus! No monthly subscriptions!

Your mission, once active, is to find two min and maximum 4 people who also want to join the company, buy their license and these people will do the same and so on.(duplication)
How Rings Work??:
Join click the link
Every time you register people, you step into the levels that are represented by rings (see video on how the rings work) and unlock increasingly important bonuses.
Part of these bonuses are used to unlock access to higher rings.
Rings work in pairs(1&2, 3&4,5&6,7&8,9&10) so we have 5 pairs and 5 repetitive reentries (very powerful).
As you get out of ring 2, you’ll withdraw first time $ 30 and Second time $ 80 ( over and over again )
As you get out of ring 4, you’ll earn first time $100 and Second time onwards $ 400 ( repeating income)

As you get out of ring 6, you’ll get First time $ 900 and Second time onwards $ 2400 ( repeating income)

As you get out of level 8, you’ll earn First Time $ 3000 and Second time onwards $ 12000 ( repeating income)
so on….
At level 10, you will receive the super bonus of $ 72000 over and over again as you reinvest back in ring9 (repeating bonus)

You also have the possibility, once you get out of ring 2, to recycle several times and thus to unlock the bonuses!!
With this business, you will be able to reach $ 72000 in a few months, with active and effective team work.
These figures are for the Easy License $10


Imagine the potential for gains…..

*Join our team here:*
Get the registration link from the person who invited you here and position yourself for this big win.

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