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If you’re new to Isagenix, welcome!
Isagenix International is a global leader in the health and wellness industry.
Our success is based on providing no-compromise products and solutions to consumers worldwide. We also
recognize that most people looking to change their habits benefit from having a support structure to reinforce
a new positive behavior and lifestyle. This is why we developed a way to reward Members who share our
products. For those who want to pursue the Isagenix business opportunity by sharing our products, we offer a
competitive Compensation Plan — one of the best in the industry.
The Isagenix Team Compensation Plan is only getting better as we expand and evolve. Not all companies can
say that. The Isagenix Compensation Plan was established on sound financial principles and is built to last.
Since 2002, Isagenix has helped hundreds of thousands earn extra money – thousands of whom have been
paid over $100,000, and hundreds more have been paid more than $1 million since joining — and this is just the
Even though most of our Members simply enjoy our products without participating in the Compensation Plan,
we encourage everyone to share our innovative products and be rewarded for their efforts in helping others
enjoy physical and financial transformation.
Please keep in mind that your individual results and success will ultimately be determined by many factors,
including your personal effort, time commitment, social and sales skills, and your sphere of influence. Isagenix
cannot guarantee any particular level of earnings. Even Associates who dedicate a significant amount of time,
effort, and personal funds may not achieve a meaningful level of success. Review our Earnings Disclosure for more information.
The following is intended to provide you with an overview and details on our business and the Compensation
Plan. We realize the Compensation Plan may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but once you become familiar
with the terminology and concepts, you’ll see the genius and potential it holds.

Customer First
Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, improve your health, live a healthier life, or earn some extra income, we
encourage everyone to start as a Customer.
An individual may purchase Isagenix products through an Isagenix Independent Associate, or they may choose to open an
Isagenix Customer Membership Account and enjoy discounts of about 10-25 percent off suggested retail prices. The following
chart shows the options a Customer may elect upon joining Isagenix:

New Member Discount Types

Preferred Customers do not participate in the Compensation Plan, but they may earn Product Introduction Reward coupons
for referring others who purchase a qualifying system on their first order.1
Product Introduction Rewards are coupons redeemable on Commissionable Products.

Additional details concerning Product Introduction Rewards may
be found in your Back Office.
In addition to the Product Introduction Rewards, Customers are eligible to
accumulate any personal volume over 100 PV in any 30-day period for 180
days from their join date plus business volume for their first 90 days as an
encouragement to become an Associate and build an Isagenix business.
To take advantage of any accumulated volume, a Customer is required to
open an Associate account within the 180-day period immediately following
their enrollment date. If a Customer does not become an active Associate
within the first 90 days, the accumulated group volume will be held for
an additional 90 days, after which time all such volume, will be removed.
If a Customer becomes an Associate and has accumulated group volume
they need to be active with 100 PV within 30 days of transitioning to an
Associate in order to continue accumulating the volume. Refer to your
online Customer account for additional details.

Commonly Used Terms
A list of terms and their meanings is included in the Glossary Section of this Compensation Plan (or in the Isagenix Policies
and Procedures). However, a few common terms are included up front in order to help explain some basic concepts.
BUSINESS VOLUME (BV) – A point value assigned to each
Isagenix Commissionable Product (including paks). BV
is used to track and measure product sales and to
calculate commissions.
For example, the following product combination would
equal 184 BV:
PERSONAL VOLUME (PV) – The combined business
volume of (1) an Associate’s personal orders purchased
directly from Isagenix (whether personally consumed or
resold to Retail Customers) and (2) orders purchased by
the Associate’s Retail Direct Customers (ordering through
the Associate’s personal website).
GROUP VOLUME (GV) – The total business volume that
accumulates in an Associate’s marketing organization.
PAID-AS RANK – The rank that an Associate qualifies for
on a given day based on the Associate’s PV and/or his or
her Personally Enrolled Team Members’ BV, his or her rank,
and the number of Personally Enrolled Team Members.
PERSONALLY ENROLLED – When you help someone open
a Membership account with Isagenix — as a Customer or
Associate, they are considered your “Personally Enrolled”
Member, and they are assigned a place on your Team
Placement Tree — on either your Left Sales Team or your
Right Sales Team.
ACTIVE STATUS – Your active status is assigned each
day based on whether you have met the qualification
requirements in the immediately preceding 30-day period.
To receive compensation other than retail profits and
Product Introduction Bonuses, you must remain active.
To be considered active as an Associate, on a given date,
you must personally generate a minimum of 100 PV in the
prior 30 days. This can be accomplished by purchasing
products (for personal consumption or for resale to Retail
Customers) or by sales to Retail Direct Customers via your
Isagenix personal website.
TEAM PLACEMENT TREE – The organization structure
that is used by Isagenix to track enrollments and purchase
activity of all Customers and Associates for the purposes
of collecting and paying bonuses and commissions. The
Placement Tree is also used in determining qualification
for rank within the Isagenix Team Compensation Plan.
Personal purchases/retail direct sales
totaling 100 PV/BV in prior 30 days.
4 Effective as of 03-27-17 United States/Puerto Rico/Canada
Compensation Plan Overview
The Isagenix Team Compensation Plan encourages people to work together to accomplish financial goals. Upon enrollment,
new Customers and Associates are assigned to a unique place in their Enrolling Sponsor’s marketing organization, which
is composed of two Sales Teams or “legs,” one on the right side (“Right Sales Team”) and one on the left side (“Left
Sales Team”). An Associate’s compensation is primarily derived from product purchases by those in his or her marketing
organization. As an Associate’s marketing organization grows, more product sales are made, and as more product sales are
made, more money can be earned.
There are five ranks that an Isagenix Associate can achieve:
• Associate.
• Consultant.
• Manager.
• Director.
• Executive.
Each rank comes with certain benefits and privileges.
Ways to Earn
Isagenix offers Associates several ways to earn money:
• Retail Profits.
• Retail Direct Profits.
• Product Introduction Bonuses.
• Team Bonuses – known as Cycles.
• Executive Matching Team Bonuses.
• Special incentives and promotions.
RETAIL PROFITS – Associates can order products directly
from Isagenix at discounted prices and resell the products
in person to their Retail Customers. The difference
between the Associate’s costs of goods sold and the
selling price is referred to as the Associate’s retail profits.
(Note that business volume from any products you order
for retail sales is treated as personal volume.)
RETAIL DIRECT PROFITS – Associates can also refer or
direct (Retail Direct Customers) to order products directly
from Isagenix through the Associate’s personal website
and earn retail direct profits. Retail direct profits are paid
weekly and are calculated by subtracting the wholesale
price and an administration fee. (The business volume
from any retail direct sales is treated as personal volume.
Any volume in excess of 100 PV — excess volume — will
be credited to the Minor Volume Sales Team, generating
additional Team business volume.)
by sharing qualified paks or systems with a new Member
on their initial order, these bonuses vary depending on
the product pak or system purchased. From time to time,
Isagenix may run promotions that could even double the
PIB value!
TEAM BONUSES – Team Bonuses are the foundation of
the Compensation Plan. Paid-As Consultants and above
are eligible to earn Team Bonuses through product sales
in their Sales Team. When an Associate accumulates at
least 900 BV in group volume (GV), at least 300 BV comes
from one side of the sales team (the Minor Volume Sales
Team), and 600 BV comes from the other side (Major
Volume Sales Team), the Associate earns a Team Bonus,
also referred to as a Cycle. An Associate can earn multiple
Cycles every day and up to 250 Cycles per week.
Executives are eligible to receive a 10 percent Matching
Team Bonus on the weekly Team Bonuses of all Personally
Enrolled Associates at Paid-As Consultant rank and above.
The Matching Team Bonus is calculated daily and paid
weekly. Paid-As Executives may earn up to a maximum of
25 matching team Cycles from any one Personally Enrolled
Consultant and a maximum of 250 Executive Matching
Team Bonuses per commission week.
additional incentives and promotions from time to time
to encourage and reward those who share Isagenix
products with others. Some of our more popular
incentives and promotions include the IsaBody Challenge®,
IsaDerby™ contests, Rank Advancement Bonuses, and
Leadership Pools. ASSOCIATE
5 Effective as of 03-27-17 United States/Puerto Rico/Canada
How Compensation Is Paid
When you earn your first commission or bonus, you’ll automatically be set up with an electronic payment account, referred
to as an IsaWallet® account. Isagenix deposits the pay directly into your IsaWallet account, and you can then transfer your
earnings to your personal bank account, use it to pay for your next order, or spend your Isagenix Visa® card! Isagenix pays
weekly, every Monday — one week in arrears. Note: Any Associate earning compensation of less than $10 will have payment
held until compensation totals are $10 or more.
Rank Qualifications And Benefits
Associate – Step 1
Any person who desires to participate in the Compensation Plan can apply to become an Isagenix Independent Associate
by completing the Associate application process. This is Step 1 in the Compensation Plan. To apply, simply log in to your
Customer account – where you go to place you r orders — and follow the steps provided. Or contact your Enrolling Sponsor
to get you started. If you are not a Customer, contact an Isagenix Independent Associate for help in establishing an Associate
Associates enjoy the same pricing options as Customers and receive a personal website where their own Retail Direct
Customers can purchase products. Associates also have access to special promotions, training, and support materials.
Associates are eligible to earn retail profits, retail direct profits, and Product Introduction Bonuses. They are also eligible to
accumulate group volume; however, no Team Bonus Cycles will generate until an Associate qualifies for Paid-As Consultant
status or higher.
Consultant – Step 2
When you’re actively sharing products through the You Share, They Share, Repeat™ system, you can move to Step 2,
Consultant. Become a Consultant by accumulating 100 PV and maintaining a minimum of 100 BV from Personally Enrolled
Members on each of your Left and Right Sales Teams within the prior 30 days, as illustrated below:
Personal volume (PV) can be accumulated from personal purchases (for personal use or retail sales) and/or retail direct sales. Rank Advancement Bonuses are a promotional incentives that are available at the time of publication; they are not considered a direct component of the Compensation Plan and may be changed, modified, or discontinued by Isagenix at any time. 100 PV LEFT TEAM RIGHT TEAM ORDERS IN PRIOR 30 DAYS Personal volume (PV)
100 BV in prior 30 days
Personally Enrolled
100 BV in prior 30 days
Personally Enrolled
300 PV
As a promotional incentive once you qualify as a Consultant, Isagenix rewards you with a US$50/CA$55 Rank Advancement
You can also earn US$100/CA$111 on each Personally Enrolled Associate (for up to 20 Personally Enrolled
Associates) you help advance to Consultant. In addition to the ways you can earn money as an Associate, Consultants unlock
another way to earn. This is where your Team Bonuses (or Cycles) come in!
6 Effective as of 03-27-17 United States/Puerto Rico/Canada
What Does a Team Bonus (Cycle) Look Like?
Visualize your organization with a bank account below each of your Left and Right Sales Teams. As sales occur anywhere in
your marketing organization, whether you personally enrolled those people or not, BV accumulates in each of these bank
accounts. Every time you, as a Paid-As Consultant, accumulate a total of at least 600 BV on one side and 300 BV on the
other side, you earn one Cycle, which equates to about US$54/CA$60.
No. 1 Thing to Remember
The real power of the
Compensation Plan comes
from building a team of
Associates selling Isagenix
products. Your goal should
be to identify, train, and
support others in sharing
the products with as many
Customers as possible.
300 BV YOU
200 BV
300 BV
100 BV
100 BV
100 BV
100 BV
150 BV
900 BV
1 Cycle
TOTAL: 1,000 BV
-600 BV
400 Holdover
-300 BV
50 Holdover
As an example of how it works, let’s say you’ve accumulated 1,000 BV on your Left Sales Team and 250 BV on your Right
Sales Team, and a new order of 100 BV comes in from your Right Sales Team, so now you have 350 BV on the right. Because
you accumulated at least 600 BV on your left and at least 300 BV on your right, a Cycle occurs.
Once this happens, the 600 BV and 300 BV are deducted, leaving you with something we call “holdover volume” of 400 BV
on the left and 50 BV on the right:
This holdover volume will continue to accumulate as long as you remain an active Paid-As Consultant or until you experience
a MegaCycle (explained below). Associates can also accumulate business volume by staying active, but they aren’t eligible to
earn Team Bonus Cycles until they become a Consultant.
Cycles are calculated daily and paid weekly, and because you accumulate sales on your entire marketing organization no
matter how deep it may grow, you could earn multiple Cycles a day, up to 250 times per commission week.
= 1 Cycle
(US$54/CA$60) 900 BV
600 GV 300 GV
300 BV 100 GV

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Director – Step 4
You can qualify for Director by being a Paid-As
Consultant with at least six Personally Enrolled
Associates who are Paid-As Consultants at the
same time within the prior 30 days. (Isagenix
offers a promotion that pays a US$750/CA$832
Crystal Director bonus when you have six
Personally Enrolled Consultants on your team
within 120 days.*) In addition to the benefits
and earnings options available to Managers,
Directors and Crystal Directors are eligible
for the Director Pool promotion. More
information on this promotion can be found in
your Back Office.

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